About Coolwallart

If variety is the spice of life, CoolWallArt is the best buffet in town! Established in 2010, CoolWallArt offers the best quality, most diverse selection of vinyl wall décor any interior design lover could want. CoolWallArt draws on American and international sources of vinyl design to create solutions to any decorating challenge. High-grade vinyls, a wide range of colors and sizes and the fastest trending design ideas make the CoolWallArt collection an exceptional source for home and office décor ideas.

Look to CoolWallArt for the latest ideas in wall graphics, decals, stickers and tattoos. From small, subtle touches of whimsy to big statement graphics, vinyl wall decals are easy to install, following our step-by-step directions. Equally clear directions for removal make changing décor fun and easy. Pantone-coded colors make coordinating decals with existing paints, fabrics and floor textiles a sure success. Decals put an immediate personal stamp on rented or multi-use space, without leaving a mess to repair when you move on or change décor.

CoolWallArt takes another critical step toward overall coordination of your interior décor scheme. The Cool Art collection includes wall hooks and hangers, framed pictures and murals and even coordinated wallpapers. Accessories add further flexibility to decorating and address the challenges of meeting multiple needs in a single space. A number of accessory designs focus primarily on children’s spaces, helping kids keep their areas tidy as well as making them look good.

CoolWallArt decals and accessories are versatile in other ways as well. Apply decals, art pieces and hangers to cabinets, built-in bookcases, woodwork, kitchen appliances and other smooth-surface household furnishings. Use decals and accessories to delineate different work or relaxation areas within a single space. Decals can create a home office, craft or music corner or study alcove faster than any other interior décor tool. Make your work bench, plant-care shelf or sewing area an asset rather than an eyesore.

Turn to CoolWallArt whenever you are rethinking the look of interior space. The collection offers so many good choices that it may well take you longer to select what you want than to install it. In the hard-working world of interior décor, what a refreshing challenge to meet!