About crazybabyclothing

Welcome to Crazy Baby Clothing, where things can get a little crazy, as they so often do with a baby!

It Takes Two
We are a husband and wife team, sharing a passion for Punk Rock and the attitudes that go with a rockin’ life. Our love of music and fondness for little ones in edgy styles led us to making wearables for friends’ new babies, one outfit at a time. Word of mouth nudged us into starting Crazy Baby, and we’ve been growing ever since.

Or More
In 2010, we welcomed twin girls to the world, and Crazy Baby became a whole way of life. Keeping our balance actually meant expanding our vision, and raising two consumers taught us even more about what punk babies, rockstar toddlers and their parents want and need.

Big, Bad, Born to Rock
What started as a way to share our passions with friends has grown with our family. Our clothes keep up with active little ones. Clothes are still made in the US using high quality materials and manufacturing standards. Styles have plenty of ‘tude but are also made from 100 percent double-thick cotton fabric to keep the music going. Cool camo diaper bags are sturdy hard-wearing canvas, with lots of room to organize supplies. Accessories like bottles and pacifiers meet all U.S. Consumer Protection Safety Commission standards. Don’t tell your little rock star, but at Crazy Baby safety is something you can count on. So live the life: let your newest star sport a pink skull shirt with her new black tutu, and tell your friends how you made the magic.

As We Grow
Just as our toddler gear line can be expected to expand, so does our stock of accessories and innovative gifts. Soothe your frazzled punkster with lullabies that have their roots firmly set in the music we love. Personalize the space devoted to your punk princess or prince with Crazy Baby’s stock of removable vinyl wall decals. Pirate ships, larger-than-life musical instruments and Paul Frank’s Julius the Monkey make the baby’s room anything but a boring pastel cube. Decals make décor changes fast and easy for busy parents. Easy to install and easy to remove without damaging wall surfaces, decals let you keep pace with your child’s growing interests and enthusiasms.

What’s next?
Contact us with your suggestions. Stay hot and cool and as far out on the edge as you want to be with Crazy Baby Clothing. Just like Mom and Dad, we’re always there, with just what you need as you grow.